ECE598NB - Privacy Enhancing Technologies

(Spring 2006)

Course Description

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the current research in privacy enhancing technologies. We will cover topics such as anonymity, censorship resistance, traffic analysis, location privacy, electronic voting, database privacy and private aggregation.

After several introductory lectures by the instructor, the rest of the lectures will be performed by the students, leading a class discussion about a research paper. All students are responsible for reading all papers prior to the lecture and submitting a short summary by email.

Students will also work in groups on an original research project in the area of privacy enhancing technologies. At the end of the course, the groups will present their work for the class and write a conference-quality report. Students are encouraged to work on joint projects with CS563/598CAG; such students will receive 2 credits for ECE598NB and 4 credits for CS563. It is also possible to take the course without a project, earning 2 credits.

Course Details

Lectures11am-12:15pm, Tue & Thu
Location344 MEB
InstructorNikita Borisov
Credits4 (with project) or 2 (without a project or with a joint project)
Prerequisites ECE428 / CS425 / CSE424 (Distributed Systems) or equivalent or consent of instructor


 2 credits4 credits
Paper Summaries25%10%
Paper Presentation75%30%